Wachtwoord vergeten?

We are happy to announce the Dutch Puzzle and Sudoku Championships 2022! In the weekend of 25-28 March, WCPN, ORTEC, and Leiden European City of Science will organize online qualifications for the championships that will take place in the summer. Enjoy the beautiful logic puzzles and sudokus this weekend.

Two championships: Puzzle and Sudoku

As always, there are two separate championships, one for sudoku, and one for logical puzzles. This year, the championships will consist of two parts: In the weekend of 25 – 28 March, we will hold online qualifications for both championships. More information on how the online qualifications will work can be found on the page with instructions for the qualifications. The championships will be held in the summer of 2022 in Leiden (exact location and date will follow).

Who can join?

Anyone can join the online qualifications! The championship always consists of different levels of puzzles – so whether you consider yourself a beginner or an expert, there will surely be some puzzles for you. And the cracks can of course try to solve them all!

As always, there are two separate championships, one for sudoku and one for logic puzzles. Most participants will compete in both championships, but prizes will be awarded separately for puzzle and sudoku. You are not required to join both qualifications. But because only a limited number of participants can qualify for either championship, you increase your chances if you participate in both qualifications.

There are four participants categories: participants from WCPN, participants from our sponsor ORTEC, students (at Dutch universities or colleges) and other interested people. After the online qualifications, the best WCPN, ORTEC and student participants will be invited to participate in the live championships. More information on the distribution of invites between these 3 categories and the 2 championships will follow in the instruction booklet. During the live championships, a champion from each category will be announced. The best participant from the WCPN will be crowned Dutch Champion! So, if you want to be eligible to win the title of Dutch Champion, make sure you join WCPN.

How can you join?

The registration process for the championship is simple: Fill out the registration form. Once you are registered, you can join the online qualifications. More information on how the qualifications are organized can be found on the page with instructions for the qualifications.

What puzzles and sudokus can you expect?

The Sudoku Championship will contain a wide variety of sudokus, and the Puzzle Championship will contain many types of logic puzzles. You can find examples on the page with information about previous championships. Furthermore, 2 weeks prior to the online qualifications an instruction booklet will be published so that you can prepare in a targeted manner.

Also, check out this cool booklet that ORTEC and WCPN created in 2019. It contains many of the puzzle types you can expect in the championships; an interview with previous Dutch Champions Annick Weyzig and Karin Griffioen; and maybe most importantly: it contains tips from Annick and Karin that may help you improve your solving skills.

What is at stake?

There is one thing that nobody will ever take away from you: eternal fame! There are multiple chances for eternal fame: there are separate competitions for logical puzzles and for sudokus.

Next to eternal fame, the top finishers will also be eligible for a place in the Dutch national team representing The Netherlands at the World(!) Puzzle and Sudoku Championships. For participation in these championships, you have to be a WCPN member and have the Dutch nationality. 

Note due to the pandemic it is unsure whether there will be (live) World Championships in 2022.


WCPN is member of the World Puzzle Federation (WPF) on behalf of The Netherlands.

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