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Instructions for online qualifications

To qualify for the live championships, you need to participate in the qualifications. These qualifications take place online, from Friday March 25th 12:00 (CET) until Monday March 28th 11:59 (CET).

To participate in the online qualifications you need to register.

How to get the Instruction Booklet?

The Instruction Booklet in pdf format for both competitions will be available in Dutch and English, two weeks before the online qualifications. When you have registered in advance, you will receive the booklet in your email. It will also be available on the instruction booklet page. The instruction booklet contains all rules and regulations for the Puzzle and Sudoku Championships. Also examples of all puzzle types are given, complete with the number of points that can be earned per puzzle. If you have questions about the instructions, please contact the WCPN via email (wcpn.pzzl@gmail.com). You can find examples of instruction booklets of previous championships on the page with information on previous championships.

How to participate in the qualifications?

You can start the competition by going to the Participate page. Here, you can choose which competition you want to start. When you want to start, you press the “Start” button of the relevant competition. Both qualifications take 90 minutes; you can choose the moment you want to participate yourself between Friday March 25th 12:00 (CET) and Monday March 28th 11:59 (CET). From the moment you press start you will have exactly 90 minutes to send your answers through the answering form. You will automatically be redirected to the answering form once you have pressed “Start”. On the answering form page, you can download the actual puzzle booklet, which will only become visibl for you AFTER you have pressed the “Start” button. The puzzle booklet is in PDF, so make sure you have installed a program with which you can open and print a PDF (e.g. Acrobat Reader).

How can you submit your answers?

No solutions submitted after the end of the competition will be accepted. For sending your answers, please use the prepared answering form. To submit your answers, you enter the codes of the puzzles you have solved, and press “Submit” at the bottom of the page. Your answers can be sent as many times as you need during the time limit. The form will remember your previous answers, so you don’t need to re-enter the codes for the puzzles you have already sent in. If you find out you sent a wrong answer, you can correct that answer and re-submit. Only the last sent solution will be taken into account (even if the last solution is wrong and the previous solution was correct). Send the answers as a row of numbers/letters without gaps, commas or any other signs. It is not possible to send the answers after the time limit termination. So make sure you send your final answers before the time expires. There will be a countdown timer on the answer form to help you with this.

For each sudoku and each puzzle you need to enter two rows in the answering form. The rows that you need to submit are indicated in the puzzle with an arrow. All answers need to be submitted from left to right! For sudokus this simply means entering the 9 digits for each indicated row. For puzzles, you need to enter a specific combination of digits or characters. For more detailed examples of how to enter the answers for each puzzle type, please check out the instruction booklet.

In the unexpected case that you experience an issue with the answering form during the sompetition, please make a screenshot of the answering form with your answers, including the computer time, and send this via email to WCPN (wcpn.pzzl@gmail.com).


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