Wachtwoord vergeten?

By registering for the Dutch Championships you agree to the following conditions: 

  • You promise to participate fairly. This means the following:
    • You solve the puzzles on your own, within the given time.
    • You do not use calculators, solvers or other tools.
    • You have no contact with others about the puzzles.
  • When the organization detects that someone has cheated, the organization has the right to remove this person from the results.
  • Results of the championships, with your name, of both the online qualifications as well as the championships will be published afterwards on this website as well as the website of the WCPN.
  • You promise to take note of all the rules described in the instruction book, and to abide by them during both the online qualifications as well as the championships.

WCPN is member of the World Puzzle Federation (WPF) on behalf of The Netherlands.

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